Does Beck Institute offer internships or post-doctoral fellowships?

Please contact us at for information about internship or volunteer opportunities.  We do not offer pre- or post-doctoral internships at this time.

What are the requirements for practicing as a cognitive therapist?

All professionals who practice psychotherapy must do so within the legal requirements of their own locales. No legal body regulates the practice of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT); however, competent cognitive behavior therapists 1) have received training and supervision specific to CBT and 2) undertake ongoing efforts to develop and maintain their competence. Beck Institute strongly supports certification by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy as a way to promote standards of practice and care.

Am I responsible for securing clients, or does Beck Institute provide them?

For supervision sessions, you will record clients from your own practice.

How many clients do I need to see to be eligible to participate in your supervision program?

There is no minimum number of clients that you must see to participate, as long as you can submit recordings of live client sessions for supervision.

What device do you recommend for recording patient sessions for supervision?

We do not recommend a specific device or technology for recording patient sessions. Many of our supervisees find it convenient to use a digital voice recorder that converts to MP3 files.

Do you have supervisors who specialize in various disorders or populations?

Yes. Beck Institute supervisors represent a wide variety of expertise in using cognitive therapy with a range of disorders and specific populations.

Can I request a specific supervisor?

Yes. If we are unable to provide you with the supervisor you request, we will match you to an available supervisor whose training and experience match your needs and interests.