Winners of Beck Institute's

2nd Annual Faculty Scholarship Competition

Aaron Beck Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Congratulations to the winners of our 2014 Faculty Scholarship Competition!


Rinad S. Beidas
Amy S. Hoffman
Danielle Keenan-Miller
Pamela G. Lusk
Sarah G. Rakovshik


We received more than 175 scholarship applications to our 2014 Faculty Scholarship Competition from teachers, trainers, faculty, researchers, and supervisors from 29 different countries! They represented every mental health specialty: psychology, psychiatry, social work, counseling, education, and nursing.


As always, it was difficult to select our winners, as the applications were so impressive. We are truly inspired by the commitment the letters showed to CBT education, supervision, and dissemination.


There is still space available in Beck Institute's CBT Workshop for Faculty: Teaching and Supervising CBT. In this workshop led by Dr. Daniella Cavenagh and Dr. Donna Sudak, graduate faculty will learn how to employ evidence-based strategies to improve CBT teaching and supervision, how to identify key learning needs and micro skills for CBT training, and how to effectively provide feedback to students and trainees. Click here for more information.



Winners of our 2013 Beck Institute Faculty Scholarship Competition

Diana Kljenak

Cara Lewis
Sheena Liness

Kathleen McCoy

Roger MK Ng

Patricia Watson



In our 1st Annual Faculty Scholarship Competition, we received more than 140 entries from around the world!