Various scales and tools used in cognitive therapy (CT) are available to professionals. Assessment tools include the Beck Scales, which are patient self-report symptom inventories, and the Personality Belief Questionnaire; as well as a cognitive therapy competency scale used in training and evaluation. Several CBT worksheets can be downloaded and a worksheet packet is available through our CBT store.  In addition, anyone interested in CT will find a range of books written for professionals and consumers about this widely tested approach to psychotherapy.  

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Patient assessment tools

The Beck Scales and Inventories are validated tools that can be used to measure progress in both research and clinical settings. The Beck Scales for adults and children listed below are not available from Beck Institute, but may be ordered, along with scoring and normative data, from Pearson Assessment, Inc., at 1-800-211-8378 or

The Personality Belief Questionnaire (PBQ) is designed to provide a cognitive profile identifying specific dysfunctional beliefs of patients. Mental health or medical professionals may obtain the questionnaire and its scoring instructions directly from Beck Institute.

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