Congraulations to the Winners of our

5th Annual Student Scholarship Competition:

Lauren David - Michelle Davis - Kristin Dawson
Katherine Gotham - Michael Greenfield - Hsien Hayward
Adeyinka Ishola - Robin Kenter - Amy Kranzler
Lotte Lemmens - Andrew Lumb - Tina Montreuil
Andrew Peckham - Ilyana Romanovsky - David Rozek
Liz Courtney-Seidler - Noelle Smith - Joseph Trombello
Tomislav Zbozinek - Sacha Zilkha

Winners of Beck Institute's 4th Annual Student Scholarship Competition:

Lauren Asarnow, Fabian Agiurgioaei Boie, Özlem Eylem, Cristóbal Guerra, Evan Kleiman, Dorian Lamis, Kristoffer NT Månsson, Jacob Nota, Sean Sassano-Higgins, Jonathan Stange, Suzanne Straebler, Michel Thibodeau, Chiaying Wei

Aaron Beck with Cognitive Behavior Therapy Student


Our 4th Annual Student Scholarship Competition received 450 entries from around the world! For the second year in a row, we found it too difficult to limit our winners to only ten students as promised, so we expanded the list to 13. We received entries from people in almost every state and a dozen foreign countries. We were truly inspired by the commitment the letters showed to the study and practice of cognitive behavior therapy.

2012 Scholarship Winners:

Cognitive TherapyCatherine Caska

Shannon Couture

Rebecca Greif

John Guerry

Brian Hall

Cara Lewis

Nina Martin

Barbara Van Noppen

Rick Pessagno

Darunee Phukao

Agnieszka Popiel

Abby Ross

David Ross 

Georgia Stathopoulou

Shari Steinman

Charles Young



2011 Scholarship Winners

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TrainingTwo years ago the Beck Institute awarded 10 scholarships to dedicated graduate students and faculty who are applying cognitive behavior therapy in a variety of ways. The selected winners were invited to meet in a private session with Drs. Judith and Aaron Beck. Below is some of the feedback we received from scholarship winners:




Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TrainingAttending the Student and Faculty Workshop to learn from the founders of CBT was a unique opportunity. Seeing Dr. Judith Beck at work was very educative. Not only is she a  warm therapist, but also an exceptional teacher. The hour meeting with Dr. Aaron Beck was very inspiring. He is  very intelligent, and has a great sense of humor! 

-Tara Donker


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TrainingI was excited to receive a scholarship for the Student and Faculty Workshop. I traveled from New Zealand to attend. I really enjoyed watching Dr. Judith Beck roleplay. It was helpful to observe an expert demonstration of Socratic questioning. It was an honor to meet Dr. Aaron Beck, who remains incredibly active in the field. I was interested to learn about Dr. Beck's current research and his efforts for wider dissemination of CBT to people who need it.

-Fiona Mathieson


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TrainingAttending the Beck Institute Student and Faculty Workshop was a fantastic opportunity for me.  As a graduate student this workshop has really helped me grow as a budding clinician.

-Seth Disner 



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy TrainingThe experience of participating in the Student and Faculty Workshop exceeded my expectations. I thank the Beck Institute for awarding me one of the ten scholarships. It was a tremendous honor. Dr. Judith Beck is empathetic and easy to understand, even when explaining complex techniques, such as case conceptualization. My favorite part was the hour conversation with Dr. Aaron Beck. We had the opportunity to hear how he developed cognitive therapy and who influenced his work. I learned many practical skills applicable to teaching and research. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone in the mental health field. 

-María Celeste Airaldi